Wills Park Equestrian Center is a cornerstone of the Alpharetta experience – for riders, spectators and visitors. Revitalizing this facility has an impact in so many ways:

  • For riders and trainers – Create an enhanced equestrian facility that continues to provide access to equestrians at all level of the sport.
  • For spectators – Create a comfortable, safer and more accessible experience where they can enjoy the park, the horses and equestrian sport.
  • For local charities – Provide an enhanced venue for holding events benefitting local charities such as Susan G. Komen and Breakfast in a Backpack, among many others.
  • For the City of Alpharetta – Supply a bigger draw for horse shows and events at the equestrian center, continuing to build the appeal of the city for residents and visitors alike.
  • For the Alpharetta business community – Expand the business impact of Wills Park events on local businesses – including hotels, restaurants and retail.